My name is ' Briggsy ' I'm married to the long suffering Jo  ..... she puts up with quite a lot ! paint and glue fumes ... welding , hammering & grinding , An ever growing scrap yard pile outside my ' Mancave ', not to mention opening packages containing animal skulls or worse  !!!
We live in the heart of the Black Country , the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution .... Ideal hunting ground for finding old unwanted items of ' Junk ' to turn into 'Gems'
My past history of art has been mainly 'Pop Art' influenced 
I have only recently discovered the Steanpunk style and i am enjoying experimenting with new subjects
You will see from pictures in my gallery my work varies in size from large Industrial tables to tiny watch piece artwork , and pretty much anything in between
 thank you for taking time to visit my site 
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or availibility of any of the items on here


  1. Briggsy